Re: cqcam-40b RPM

Damien Miller wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have just uploaded some RedHat RPMs of cqcam 0.40b to ftp.unm.dorm.net. There
> are source and i386 linux binaries there.
> I will try to make RPMs available as each new release comes out (unless anyone
> has any objections).
> Please note that these are NOT suid binaries, as I wouldn't trust binaries I
> downloaded off the net ;)
> I have a line:
> qcam::81:dmiller,rmiller,kmiller,bleep
> in my /etc/group file. and I have made my parallel port accessible to that
> group:
> chgrp qcam /dev/lp?
> chmod gu+wr /dev/lp?
> I think that this neatly avoids SUID binaries.

I doubt that your SUID binaries run for non-root users.
Did you really try running {x}cqcam by any user (other than root) that
are in
the qcam group?

{x}cqcam use the ioperm() system call and the call is fail for a lesser