Re: cqcam-40b RPM

> qcam::81:dmiller,rmiller,kmiller,bleep
> in my /etc/group file. and I have made my parallel port accessible to that
> group:
> chgrp qcam /dev/lp?
> chmod gu+wr /dev/lp?
> I think that this neatly avoids SUID binaries.

Unfortunately, no.  /dev/lp? are character devices intended to talk to 
printers and printer-like devices only.  cqcam talks directly to the 
system's I/O ports and thus actually does require root permissions.
(Otherwise the ioperm() call fails.)

You could make the SUID binaries roughly equivalent, permissions-wise, to 
what you had above:
  chown root.qcam cqcam xcqcam
  chmod 4710 cqcam xcqcam
That's pretty much what I have on my system.


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