QuickCam Third-Party Drivers

Identifying your Quickcam

You can identify a Quickcam based on the color, lens type and the type of stand. If it's black, it's definitely VC. If it's white ball, has plastic triangle with Connectix logo as a stand (may be missing) and a threaded connector for a tripod at the bottom of the ball, and the cord at the back, it's either b&w, color or color 2. If it has rectangle with small lens inside, it's b&w, if it has round white focus adjustment ring in front around the lens, it's either color or color 2. Otherwise (not a ball, additional mounting, not white or black), it's something completely different.

B&W, color and color 2 are supported, others aren't, at least for now.

Some Quickcam Express'es have support.

Daniele De Marchi has a driver for the USB QuickCam VC.

Welcome to the third-party drivers page for the Logitech QuickCam. I've put this together so that all the information on third-party drivers for the Logitech QuickCam is available from one place. This site exists primarily for developers who are developing for platforms other than Windows or Macintosh since Logitech directly supports these Operating Systems through the drivers and software they make available with the QuickCam.

Here you will find drivers for the following operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, and Plan9. You will also find links to other sites that have images (and in some cases live images) taken by the QuickCam running on operating systems other than Macintosh and Windows which proves the hard work of many developers who have contributed to this effort. Finally, you can even get source code for QuickCam drivers on other operating systems. It would be nice if we could still get the official low-level protocol documentation directly from Logitech. Logitech has a Quickcam Developer's web site, however it only covers proprietary products, and lacks the documentation necessary to create a Linux driver. Many thanks to all the people who have made this effort a success. Hanno Mueller has written a FAQ, and Patrick Reynolds has updated this FAQ.

-Russ Nelson

Mailing list


Chris Snell has set up a FTP site for Quickcam drivers.

Patrick Reynolds has set up a Web site for Quickcam drivers.

Other information

Reverse Engineering

Some effort was put into reverse engineering the QuickCam.
Russell Nelson
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