Re: Qseeme 0.80A

Don Joy wrote:
> Is anyone using this app yet.  I have a few questions about it.  First
> of all, receiving video seems to be quite slow.  Is this what everyone
> is seeing, or is it just coincidence on my side.  Also, is there a way
> to tell if other people on reflectors are looking at you?  Cuseeme does
> this with the open eyeball, does this app have an equivalent i'm
> overlooking?

I have used it, I seem to get decent video when it's operating, but I'm
on a X2 modem and I'm sure that helps.  I have other problems with it
such as msg windows that pop up repeatedly so fast that it blocks you
out from doing anything (even quitting).  I have also had reflector
owners ask me to leave cos they claim I was interfering with the ref
(coincidently it is usually just after one of those msg window
episodes)  Other than that I have had good luck. 

I was wondering about the eyecons myself.