Re: qcwebcam-0.2 never updates

On Sat, 12 Jul 1997, Andrew S. Howell wrote:

> I'm trying the get qcwebcam-0.2 working. I can get one frame, but then
> it never updates. I can go the qcam-config on the web, make changes
> and go back to the image, but its still the same image. I tried
> playing with framerate in the config file and the qcam-config page,
> but no joy.

  If you have bidirectional parallel port that is configured in BIOS setup
to emulate unidirectional one, then even if you configure it to force
unidirectional mode, it can get stuck on image grabbing -- this kind of
port should be configured as bidirectional in BIOS. If it's something
else, please describe your configuration, maybe, there is aome other
situation where it can happen.

> Also, fhttpd spawns several qcwebcam processes. Is this normal?

  There should be 3 qcwebcam processes -- one of them is started by
fhttpd, two others are started from it (they are HTTP interface, grabber
and encoder). fhttpd should be configured to allow only one instance of
qcwebcam (third parameter on the "Application" line should be 1) because
it works with non-shareable hardware device.


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