I informed Connectix today

Hello everyone,

I have sent this message to Connectix today. To be more precise, I
have sent it to their info account, to their PR department, to the
American tech support and to the European tech support.

Let's see a) if and b) how they react.



> Dear friends at Connectix,
> more than 200 developers and users of 3rd party software support the
> "Free VIDEC Campaign". Among the supporters are NASA scientists,
> research groups, robot engineers, university professors, radio DJs,
> professinal web site developers and internet service providers.
> They own more than 100,000 US$ worth of Connectix Quickcams.
> The 3rd party developer community has always been unhappy about your
> policy regarding the VIDEC algorithm. We have now started a joined
> effort, trying to convince you that VIDEC should be allowed in third
> party drivers.
> To find out all the details, please visit the campaign page
>         http://www.kabel.de/~hmueller/qc/freevidec.shtml
> where you will find a list of suggested VIDEC licensing terms. You
> will find that all of our suggestions are reasonable and are
> designed to both meet your and our interests.
> The campaign will remain online for some time, but I wanted to inform
> you about its existence. I am looking forward to your reply.
> Greetings,
> Hanno Mueller
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