Re: Bad news for Connectix

People -
A fellow coworker was on a recent trip to Canada. He cam back to me with news
that Connectix has a USB version of it's cam available there.  Considering the
number of QuickCam clones that are starting to come on the market I'm not 100%
sure it was a true QC.

I've heard rumors before this that Connectix is working on a USB version of the

Can anyone confirm/deny this?

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        07-08-97 05:16 AM
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Subject: Re: Bad news for Connectix

In message <AFE815CA-DB095@>, Sherman Lang writes:
> I suyspect that the Kodak USB camera might be the one developed by VVL for
> OEM. Check out their web page at
>  http://www.vvl.co.uk/
> They are the developers of the first commercial CMOS camera.

You can find a picture of the Kodak camera at the bottom of this page: