Bad news for Connectix

First of all: It's good to see the mailing list back online.
Thanks Russ!

Hello everyone,

As a response to my newsgroup article about the videc campaign, someone

> Kodak had a small article in the last issue of their digital camera
> developer's newsletter that announced that they are developing a video
> camera with a USB interface that they expect to sell for under US$200.
> Perhaps this competition will provide the incentive required to insure
> that both Connectix and Kodak allow open driver development to take
> place (or perhaps it won't).
> kodis@jagunet.com (John Kodis)

I think this is very interesting. One should keep in mind that there is
always a big difference between announcements and final products, but
Connectix should take care to keep up with the competition. The
serial bus is probably the next big thing in computer add-ons and it is
supposed to be a lot faster than the current parallel or serial ports.

I hope that they will come up with their own USB camera. The ball shaped
design is something I do not want to miss on my desktop.