CQC X-tra for Director 5 / 6?

Hi there,

we are looking for a grabber Director X-tra which should be used with
the color quickcam.
The problem is as follows:
we are producing a multimedia kiosk solution - the "transformer". The
user is able to change his/her photo (which is made by a quickcam) in
several ways: a different nose, sunglasses or a blonde whig...
Currently we are using Dir5 and the Xtra QTgrab 0.9c by Geoff Smith.
Unfortunately, the pictures taken by QTgrab are not stable when we're
talking about quality: after two or three shots, the colours disappear
and the pictures are getting brighter with some coloured stripes overe
The camera is placed between two neon-lamps, but i don't think
it'getting too hot. Moreover, when we quit the transformer and take a
picture with connectix' quickpict, the pics are perfect.

Can anybody help or can anyone program a Director-Xtra which grabs
Qickcam-Pics? It must work in the background!
Andreas Ollmann