Re: remove

Remove doesn't work.
uns*bscribe does.
Remove has never worked.
Remove doesn't work for any mailing list I've ever heard of.
Who has been spreading the idea that "remove" is how you get off a list?
Please tell them to stop.

Sending your request to the list doesn't work.
It has always been the wrong thing (read: impolite).
Don't do it.
Sometimes, the list owner isn't even subscribed to the list.
When that happens, everyone but the right person gets your request.
Don't do it.

A request always goes to the -request address.
If a list is LIST@HOST, the request address is LIST-request@HOST.
Please use the -request address, not the list address.
You only succeed in annoying people, and marking yourself as a rude clown.

I'm using short sentences.
I'm not sure subscribers understand long sentences.
They never seem to do what the long sentences say.
Please read these short sentences.
Please heed these short sentences.
Your cooperation is appreciated.
Cooperation makes the world go around.
Cooperation is good.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Gary writes:
 > remove!

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