Re: Choice of quickcam

Thanks a lot for all the answers.

>   The same thing - there are drivers for both, and a lot of them support
> both cameras (including my qcread). The real differences:
> 1. B&W camera has one resolution (a bit more than 320x240) and two bit
> depth modes (4 and 6). Color camera has two resolutions (>320x240 RGB and
> pseudo-640x480 that really is 320x240 RG/GB pixels) and only one bit depth
> in uncompressed mode.
> 2. Color camera has VIDEC compression that also probably uses lower color
> depth, although since Connectix didn't release any libraries or
> documentation, it's unsupported.

I don't understand here, you are saying it's unsupported but in the first
lines of your message, you said that both cameras are supported. Does it
mean you can activate compression when you want ?

Thanks and regards.
Jean Simon