Re: Autodetect quickcam and color quickcam

This how bsdi does it.  You can enable this support in your local kernel
configuration file.  It will then probe the device if present and load
the kernel drivers.  Unfortunately, i have not found any grabber support
that will enable me to use cuseeme compatiple programs.  BTW, i ma using
bsdi 3.0 if anyone has heard of a line on this.  Also, i would be
willing to provide access to a system if anyone wants to try a port.

Laszlo Vecsey wrote:
> Perhaps some auto detection could be done at boot time to determine if a
> camera is connected, maybe developing the linux quickcam driver along with
> the parport interface?
> A nifty feature would be to have the driver optionally loaded as a kernel
> module only when it is needed...
> I like the idea of having a 'livefeed' server, which would feed images out
> as a web server or cgi-bin program (jpg image). I've done that on an SGI
> indy, and wouldn't mind bringing it to the linux platform once a kernel
> driver is nailed down. Clients for the server which handle 'delta' images
> (written in say java, x11, and native win95) sure sound nice ... can
> someone point me to info on optimizing for these changes in frame, beyond
> a brute force check between the previous and current frames? For example,
> clients may be pulling in at different frame rates... ways to minimize
> memory, comparisons, etc. Sounds messy. Maybe linking in an existing
> 'videophone' type library?
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