Re: Quickcam device driver for Linux

  Note that there already has been a linux kernel driver available
called "qcam-kernel-0.1". I doubt it's maintained because it's been
the same version for over a year now.. I use it for a realtime gif
or jpeg server push program I wrote. It only spits out raw image information,
but then I use libjpeg to compress it for me. I didn't see any need
for the image conversion to occur within the kernel module.


On Fri, 13 Jun 1997, Ludovic Bertsch wrote:

> I was wondering if it would be a good idea to provide a kernel
> driver for the quick-cam...
>   The interface would be for example /dev/cam2gif to give the user
> a real-time gif file each time it is read on.
> Of course this would be slower than direct hardware access, but if you 
> changed your hardware, you would just need to change your kernel driver,
> and NOT rewrite all your software.
>   There should be better image formats than gif for real-time image
> acquisition that would be included...
>   You should also be able to define the image size or different
> parameter (with IOCTLS? or a writable device driver?)
>   I think this could be done with a library, but it would be cleaner
> and more general to program it in the kernel.
>   What do you think about that? Good idea? Bad idea? Why?

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