quickcam "learning"?

I've noticed something odd - I leave my qcam on all the time, taking
pictures at 5 minute intervals.  For the past few days, when I come in
in the morning and generate thumbnails of the previous night, I get
what I expect - a lot of mostly black images.

  But the interesting part is what happens then - the first images
where there _is_ light in the scene (and myself, mind you), the image
is _really_ bright, like the quickcam's CCD needs to establish some
base, and throughout the night it's not getting enough so it
continually turns the white balance up until it gets an image.

  I had been running xfqcam to generate the new whitebal settings
(usually about 3 or 4 below what they had been) for the morning, but
eventually the images get too dark, so I have to reset the whitebal
setting back to the initial position.

  Is this normal behaviour, or should I run it in -W mode and accept
the 10 second balanceing computation every time the camera snaps open?
(I get the image in about 2 seconds from a cron job - when I ran it
with -W on, the images took 10-15 seconds to show up.)

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