Re: a little manners please?

>Klaus, your request mail was directed at a single person (me) but you
>sent it to over six hundred people.  Now they know you to be an
>ignorant, inconsiderate boor.  

I would respond to your lack of civility privately however seeing as though
you chose to slam poor klaus in public the retort should also be in public.
I do NOT wish to start a flaming email campain, however...

I enjoy greatly subscribing to this list and have learned so much by
reading and studying the tech docs which the members are so kind to have
passed along and although i am nowhere close to your guy's technical league
i am proud to say that my mother raised me with more manners than russ

please sir, remember the days when YOU were a newbie, when mail lists
baffled you and you were amazed at folks who could convert hex to decimal
in their heads. I imagine that you, like me, found a few nice on-line folks
who took the time to explain the little details and only chuckled to
THEMSELVES at your silly questions. please find attached a $5.00
certificate for a new valium salt lick for your work station.

Please keep up the good work Russ and all of the other contributors - you
have taught me much for which i will be eternally thankful.