Re: quickcam: I'm stunned by Connectix Tech support

Brian Scearce writes:
> Rob Urban writes:
> > Connectix has the most miserable technical support I have ever had the
> > displeasure of trying to contact.  They, apparently, ignore all but the
> > most simple problems.  My advice is forget about ever trying to get help
> > from connectix.  It's a waste of time.
> I don't have the text of it close at hand, but I'm pretty sure
> you're getting exactly what you signed up for on the NDA with "no
> support".  In fact, if I remember correctly, you actually violate
> the terms of the NDA by *asking* for support.
> Hanno is right to complain, I agree, about Connectix forwarding
> third-party driver questions to him.  But if you want detailed tech
> support, you shouldn't sign an agreement that says, "I don't want
> tech support".
> Cheers,
> Brian


You're making a few assumptions here.  First of all, I didn't
sign any NDA.  Secondly, one of my questions, for example,  was what the 
qualities of the IR filter are.  Not exactly an industrial secret...
The answer was roaring silence.  If they had send me a single email
that said "I'm sorry, but we can't/won't give you that information," it
would have been better than NOTHING.  I don't think they even read their

Rob Urban