Re: Has anyone developed with the MacIntosh version?

>Has anyone developed with the MacIntosh version of the Qcam or have any
>idea about the interface specs for it?  (It is a serial method, that
>much I know)

I spent about 2 weeks trying to get it working (on a mac), with no luck.
(I've been commercially developing sw for the mac for 13 years)

Using the Quicktime OS software, it's about 4 lines of code, no problem.
But that's not the point.

PC guys have it lucky, parallel is pretty well defined.

What Connectix did to the serial port is truly unreproduceable.
First the documentation is so minimal as to be useless.
Second the cameras aren't REALLY serial devices, in the sense that modems 
(doubtful if they have any serial chips in them)
They basically pulse the info out, which just happens to be 'close 
enough' to
serial that it works...
Third, thusly the devices are SYNCHRONUS, meaning you have to be 
pretty close to the metal, to get it working.

I struggled, as i said, and followed all of the directions (what there 
setting the port up for synchronous, external clocked, and did all the 
but I was never even able to get the one-byte "What Version Are YOU" 
sent, one byte
response back.

My advice: use parallel.

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