NetworkEye/270v1.1 disappoints


I'd just received the Microplex NetworkEye/270 NE-C
 drive and got disappointed with the frame rate speed.
Let have a look at what the manual says:

"The frame or refresh rate ... :
Java (the conversion is made by an applet)
360 x 240 up to 4.0 s/frame
160 x 120 up to 2.0 s/frame
80 x 60 up to 1.5 s/frame

JPEG Direct (new issue in version 1.1)
 360 x 240 up to 30.0 s/frame
160 x 120 up to 8.5 s/frame
80 x 60 up to 3.5 s/frame"

I'd suppose that a dedicated hardware performance
should be better !
        With a nph script I'd achieved  a
speed twice faster,  running:

Patrick Reynolds <patrickr@virginia.edu>'s cqcam-0.40
Alex Belits abelits@phobos.illtel.denver.co.us' qcread-0.1

        Unfortunately no other drive avaiable for the
color cam succeeded on my Linux box.