b/w cam picture quality


I'm running 3 b/w QuickCams at different locations in our area. All use
the qcam 0.91 package. Two of the three cameras operate well but the
pictures of the third camera are washed out. When operating under
Windows95, the picture quality is as good as with the other cameras. Any
idea what could be the problem? The first two cameras are attached to
Pentium machines with bidirectional parallel ports. The third camera runs
attached to a 386 at the parallel port of the Hercules video controller.
Could that be the problem?

BTW, If you look at http://www.dortmund.netsurf.de/QuickCam/frame1.html,
you'll see what I mean. The top two pictures are OK whereas the bottom
picture is the "bad one".


      Henning Holtschneider * Bauernkamp 41 * 44339 Dortmund * Germany