qcam 0.91 and second qcam..

Any ideas why my (new) (non-KB-fuse blowing) (so far) has this
_really_ nasty tendency to wildly fluctuate in image quality when I
run xqcam like this?

xqcam -D -x100 -y150 -t50 -l126 -E2 -b150 -w80 -c10 -r

  By "wildly fluctuate", I mean that successive images are brighter
and darker, in a fairly random manner.  If I turn on -W, the image
evens out, and it doesn't look like the lights above me are flickering

  Of course, -W is _really_ slow.  (.25 or so FPS, if I'm lucky.)

  Am I running into a bum batch of Refurb cameras, or is this pretty

  Note: This didn't happen with the last camera, but it also had fewer
bum pixels in the make.darkmask program.  Unfortunately, it had this
nasty tendency to eat my botherboards alive.

  (Shiver) If this one doesn't work out, I may have to..  Gasp.  Pay
$79 for one from CompUSA.  I love this little beastie.

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