Re: Keyboard blown?

pfriedel@execpc.com,Internet writes:
>I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere on the Linux Quickcam pages,
>but has anyone else ha
>d a problem with their QuickCam blowing the fuse
>for their keyboard port on their motherbo
>  I've had it for two days now, and I've blown the fuse twice.  I'm
>kinda suspect of
> the second fuse that I had dropped in (2.5A vs the
>recommended 3.0A fuse), but...

If your keyboard and/or qc are drawing enough current to blow a 2.5 or 3.0
amp fuse, something is very very wrong hardwarewise, the qc draws only 350
or so milliwatts and your keyboard should draw about the same!!
>  Is it generally a Bad Idea to fiddle with the keyboard plug while
>the computer is on an
>d the quickcam is on it?  (I've never had a
>problem in the past, so it didn't seem particu
>larly bad..)

Yes, bad idea in general.

Mike Sharkey
X11 Development
SoftArc Inc. / Tridem Labs