Re: ANNOUNCE: QSeeMe-0.5a

>>>>> "b" == bill  <bill@tyme.net> writes:

    b> I am having the same problem here too... acts like it is
    b> connecting then just "disconnected" no reason stated 0.4a works
    b> great for recieve.

    b> On Thu, 29 May 1997, Nipper wrote:

    >> Oh? Mine runs okay, but I can't seem to connect to any
    >> reflector. It says connecting... and waits 10 seconds or so,
    >> then goes straight back to Disconnected.

I only get this behaviour if I forget to add the "-l sl0" command line
option ... I use diald, so sl0 is routed through ppp0 (I found no difference
using "-l ppp0" although it seemed more logical to use the sl0 device.

BTW:  Why does qseeme need this command line argument?  Does it bypass
the routing tables when seeking a path to the reflector?

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