Re: Keyboard blown?

I've never blown my kbd fuse but yes, it's a very bad idea to hot plug your kbd 
when the system is on. I did get kbd poroblems though when the qcam was 
stressing the port. I solved this by moving it to my PS/2 Mouse port since it 
has the same voltage rating as the kbd port. This won't work for you if all you 
have is a serial port for your mouse.

Not sure about the rest of it.

-- Scott Russell
-- IBM
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Date: 05-28-97 09:14:29 PM
Subject: Keyboard blown?

I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere on the Linux Quickcam pages,
but has anyone else had a problem with their QuickCam blowing the fuse
for their keyboard port on their motherboard?

  I've had it for two days now, and I've blown the fuse twice.  I'm
kinda suspect of the second fuse that I had dropped in (2.5A vs the
recommended 3.0A fuse), but...

  Is it generally a Bad Idea to fiddle with the keyboard plug while
the computer is on and the quickcam is on it?  (I've never had a
problem in the past, so it didn't seem particularly bad..)

  Does this sound like just a stupid problem on my end, or is this a
possibly defective unit?

  Hardware: Generic standard DIN-5 KB port on your average PCI based
MB, IBM KB through a PS/2 adaptor, and a B&W QuickCam.

  Software: qcam v0.91, and Linux 2.0.29

  Also, on a slightly unrelated note, the second time the fuse went, I
was away from my computer.  When I came back, my box had spontaneously
rebooted, and the KB port was dead again.  Is this software or
hardware based?

  Thanks, I'm hoping that I can use this camera without having to
exchange it..

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