Re: Developers program?

Patrick wrote:
> > I signed up on the Connectix page a couple of days ago, I was wondering
> > if I should expect confirmation by email?
> Bah.  They're terrible about responding to e-mail.  (also, some of the
> things you can sign up for there don't seem to -do- anything.)

Yick, that seems to be the consensus. :( I just thought I'd better not
try ordering a cheap camera before I'm registered...

> > I'm kind of interested in a PC-less capture system...
> Have you heard of the Network Eye?  I've never used one, but I think it's
> pretty much just camera software + ethernet connection + web server.
> Pretty cool, but not too portable.

Yep, saw their page.

> > A box with a few buttons etc, a parallel port, micro, and perhaps 4MB
> > of dram. Oh, and a battery. :)
> The chip could probably be something like a Microchip microcontroller;
> that's what the camera itself uses.  The battery has to be 5 volts.
> Maybe you know that already...  Cool idea, btw.  :)

Right.. Easy enough to make a 5v supply from 12v or 9v tho. The problem
is that you'd need a dram controller, and something to address 4MB of
space, inless you did it as a simple FIFO.

Question is, how many raw pics would fit in 4MB? Well, 320*240*3 = 230k,
so about 16, or 640*480*3 = 920k, so about 4.

It'd be nicer (but MUCH more complicated) to have a fastish cpu there,
and compress the images, to store more. You need proper 4MB addressing
then tho, and all that horrible stuff. Plus, how long to compress each
image? Before you can take another, or compress-while-idle? Probably not
worth the trouble, and expense.

Ooh, this is a drivers list... tell me to go elsewhere here if this is
spam. :)