RE: US Patent #5,617,552

Good 'tid-bit' of info.  Could you write
the addrs of this web site???

-- mike

On 16-Apr-97 William Lewis wrote:
>>Discovered today that IBM has a very n
ice patent search web site. I tried  
>searching for "Connectix" and came up w
ith exactly one hit, patent number  
>5,617,552, for a "lossless data compres
sion system and method", filed in  
>early 1996 and issued two weeks ago.
>I haven't managed to unravel the obfusc
atese used to describe the algorithm  
>but it looks like yet another Lempel-Zi
v variant. If this is the same  
>algorithm used in the quickcam it shoul
dn't be too hard to match up the bits  
>with the algorithm.
>On the other hand, this could be for so
me completely unrelated compression  

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