Re: Inverted Pins

It's inverted by the hardware in every computer's parallel port.  The output 
bits on the parallel port will output a logic '1' (+5V) if you write a '0' to 
the CONTROL register bits, and will output a logic '0' (0V) when you write '1'. 

The inverted inputs will read a '1' on the STATUS register if there is a '0' 
(0V) present on the parallel port pin, and will read a '0' on the register when 
a '1' (+5V) is present on the port pin.

This has always been a "feature" of the parallel port.

Steve Krattiger

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Subject: Inverted Pins
Author:  Shailesh <ssp8288@megahertz.njit.edu> at SMTP-Gateway
Date:    5/12/97 10:04 AM

The color Qcam specs say that pins 1, 11, 14, and 17 are inverted by 
hardware.  My question is : what hardware are they talking about?  is it 
the Qcam itself or the hardware of the Parallel Port built into the 

Thanx in advance,