Re: FAQ?

> >Hanno has a (mostly technical) FAQ, which will be updated for color camera
> >info Real Soon Now.  Someone (Gero?) is working on a beginner's
> >setup/software mini-HOWTO.
> Hey! Don't just tease us with snippets of info, give pointers to where we
> can get more information.
> I would rather know "where" I can get the faq (preferably the URL) than
> "who" is putting one together.

Hanno's FAQ is (and has been for quite some time) at:
There are also very good instructions there on how to take a camera apart. 
I don't know of any additional color info for either document yet, but I 
plan to work on it/them myself as soon as finals are over.  Real Soon Now.

I don't know of any publicly available HOWTO document; I just remember 
Gero mentioning that he was going to write one.  Don't ask me.  :)

Links to other information can be found on
but that site seems to be mysteriously down at the moment.  Russ?


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