Re: cable extension


they sell extension cables for them

- liem

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Jack Cawkwell wrote:

> Date: Tue, 29 Apr 97 9:31:07 MESZ
> From: Jack Cawkwell <jackc@bidra87.bbn.hp.com>
> To: quickcam-drivers@crynwr.com
> Subject: cable extension
> Hello,
> This is probably a FAQ, but I have looked and not found anything.
> I would like to extend the cable between the B&W qcam and the D connector.
> What is the cable specification: number of conductors, capacitance (etc),
> what would be a suitable inline plug and socket. How far can I extend it:
> I probably need  about 10metres of as thin, and flexible as possible cable.
> Thanks in advance
> Jack

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