Getting a ROM Image

Somebody asked how to get a complete ROM image.

Supposing you wanted to do that, and that you knew all the risks that were involved and were willing to take them, here is one set of steps you might follow to get yourself an image:

  1. Get and compile send.c. Get the new one if you have the old one.
  2. Make a copy of your firmware file. Bring up the copy in an editor.

    Search for S11396D0, delete that line, and replace it with:


    Search for S11396F0, delete that line, and replace it with:


    Search for S113BFD0, delete that line, and the two that follow, and replace them with:


    Save this file.

  3. Download the new firmware file to the RCX. I assume you know how to do this.

    If you want a Unix firmware downloader with C source, get and compile firmdl.c.

  4. Get and perhaps edit As is, this program assumes you are running under some flavor of Unix and that you have Perl 5 installed. It also assumes that the send program is in your path.
  5. Run and redirect its stdout to a file. When completes, this file should contain an image of the ROM in s-record format.
  6. Don't forget to reinstall the normal firmware once you've got your ROM image.


Russell Nelson
Last modified: Sat Oct 3 23:59:36 EDT 1998