Where did it come from?

It's Welsh. I was looking for a business name. I tried three different names, and New York State told me (one by one) that they were all used. Three months, $15 and much aggravation later I decided to pick a name that *no one* would have thought of before. A friend of mine is Welsh, and named his computers after the days of the week, the months of the year, etc. Well, rather than pick a euphonious but meaningless Welsh name, I looked up Quaker in Welsh and liked it. Hence Crynwr Software.

What does it mean?

Crynwr is a singular masculine proper noun meaning "Quaker". The formal name for Quakers is "The Religious Society of Friends". The plural of Crynwr is Crynwyr.

How does Crynwr Software answer the phone?

Pronounce the y like the i in hit. Pronounce wr like "were" as in "we were going to the store".

What is the official Welsh pronunciation of Crynwr?

It's pronounced *krun - oor*, with the stress on the 1st syllable.

How the Welsh pronounce Crynwr?

There are various dialects within Wales. Morien Roberts recorded his pronunciation for me [au][ogg]. If you're Welsh, and wish to contribute your own, please do!