Subject: For Approval: ACE License
From: Ken Sedgwick <>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 17:36:39 -0800
Sat, 26 Feb 2005 17:36:39 -0800

My name is Ken Sedgwick.  I am a volunteer package maintainer working
to get the ACE and TAO software libraries into standard Linux
distribution.  I am not a lawyer.

The Fedora Extras (Linux Distribution) team has requested that newly
submitted packages have OSI approved software licenses.  The ACE folks
were agreeable to my submission of the ACE License for OSI

The plain text copy of the license is attached to this message.

Most Similar License

The ACE License is most similar to the "New BSD License".  It has been
in force for many years and over 1000 developers have contributed to
the library under this license.  I don't think changing the license is
practical at this point.

Use in Conjunction with Other Licenses

The ACE License does not appear to be incompatible with other open
source licenses.


Many thanks in advance.


Ken Sedgwick
Bonsai Software, Inc.
(510) 610-4162

  Copyright and Licensing Information for ACE(TM), TAO(TM), CIAO(TM), and
   [1]ACE(TM), [2]TAO(TM), [3]CIAO(TM), and [4]CoSMIC(TM) (henceforth
   referred to as "DOC software") are copyrighted by [5]Douglas C.
   Schmidt and his [6]research group at [7]Washington University,
   [8]University of California, Irvine, and [9]Vanderbilt University,
   Copyright (c) 1993-2005, all rights reserved. Since DOC software is
   [10]open-source, free software, you are free to use, modify, copy, and
   distribute--perpetually and irrevocably--the DOC software source code
   and object code produced from the source, as well as copy and
   distribute modified versions of this software. You must, however,
   include this copyright statement along with code built using DOC
   You can use DOC software in proprietary software and are under no
   obligation to redistribute any of your source code that is built using
   DOC software. Note, however, that you may not do anything to the DOC
   software code, such as copyrighting it yourself or claiming authorship
   of the DOC software code, that will prevent DOC software from being
   distributed freely using an open-source development model. You needn't
   inform anyone that you're using DOC software in your software, though
   we encourage you to let [11]us know so we can promote your project in
   the [12]DOC software success stories..
   DOC software is provided as is with no warranties of any kind,
   including the warranties of design, merchantability, and fitness for a
   particular purpose, noninfringement, or arising from a course of
   dealing, usage or trade practice. Moreover, DOC software is provided
   with no support and without any obligation on the part of Washington
   University, UC Irvine, Vanderbilt University, their employees, or
   students to assist in its use, correction, modification, or
   enhancement. A [13]number of companies around the world provide
   commercial support for DOC software, however. DOC software is
   Y2K-compliant, as long as the underlying OS platform is Y2K-compliant.
   Washington University, UC Irvine, Vanderbilt University, their
   employees, and students shall have no liability with respect to the
   infringement of copyrights, trade secrets or any patents by DOC
   software or any part thereof. Moreover, in no event will Washington
   University, UC Irvine, or Vanderbilt University, their employees, or
   students be liable for any lost revenue or profits or other special,
   indirect and consequential damages.
   The [14]ACE, [15]TAO, [16]CIAO, and [17]CoSMIC web sites are
   maintained by the [18]DOC Group at the [19]Institute for Software
   Integrated Systems (ISIS) and the [20]Center for Distributed Object
   Computing of Washington University, St. Louis for the development of
   open-source software as part of the [21]open-source software
   community. By submitting comments, suggestions, code, code snippets,
   techniques (including that of usage), and algorithms, submitters
   acknowledge that they have the right to do so, that any such
   submissions are given freely and unreservedly, and that they waive any
   claims to copyright or ownership. In addition, submitters acknowledge
   that any such submission might become part of the copyright maintained
   on the overall body of code, which comprises the DOC software. By
   making a submission, submitter agree to these terms. Furthermore,
   submitters acknowledge that the incorporation or modification of such
   submissions is entirely at the discretion of the moderators of the
   open-source DOC software projects or their designees.
   The names ACE(TM), TAO(TM), CIAO(TM), CoSMIC(TM), Washington
   University, UC Irvine, and Vanderbilt University, may not be used to
   endorse or promote products or services derived from this source
   without express written permission from Washington University, UC
   Irvine, or Vanderbilt University. Further, products or services
   derived from this source may not be called ACE(TM), TAO(TM), CIAO(TM),
   or CoSMIC(TM) nor may the name Washington University, UC Irvine, or
   Vanderbilt University appear in their names, without express written
   permission from Washington University, UC Irvine, and Vanderbilt
   If you have any suggestions, additions, comments, or questions, please
   let [22]me know.
   [23]Douglas C. Schmidt
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