Subject: Re: Human Models -- Re: Creative Common as open source license?
From: Manuel Bastioni <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 13:26:02 +0100

Stephen Pollei wrote:

>>we think, because the source of 3D model is the 3d file itself, this can 
>>be considered, in this specific case, an opensource license.
> Creative commons license is not open source per-say however it should
> not cause any problems. It would be just like the gcc can compile
> programs that are licensed under various licenses(or you have copyright
> on) and produce output that you can use however.
>>The 3D model under the creative common.
>>Actually We have the OSI certified on
>>We should remove it :-(
> I wouldn't, I would add the creative commons logo as well.

How to have the 'official' OSI authorization to do this?
The replies from here are sufficient?