Subject: Re: brainstorming
From: Thorsten Glaser <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 19:09:09 +0000

Benjamin Rossen dixit:

>However, when they use it, they agree not to take legal action 
>against the Open Source community for using their ideas, innovations, 
>patterns, the algorithms or what ever else - whether patented by them or not. 

This is even _worse_.

Without reading the rest of the message, I can already reply
(I'll read on afterwards):

Suppose I'm writing FOO and release it under the BSD
licence with advertising clause.
Somebody takes FOO and makes BAR from it, releasing it
under, say, the GNU GPL.

I'm not too enthusiastic about seeing my code in BAR
and decide to go against this infringement.

Now eMails haven't helped, so I've got to go to court.

This is a random developer "taking legal action" against
(a member of) the open source community.

By the way, this has really happened, except that the
creator of BAR has ripped off the old copyright notice
in its entirety, too.

The author of FOO, Hubert Feyrer, well-known NetBSD(tm)
and pkgsrc advocate, has documented this - and since,
the BAR (G4L) people have patched around in their code,
but there are still too many similarities.
read yourself >>>