Subject: Re: question about copying small amounts of code from BSD, MIT o r Apache 1.1 licensed open source...
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 01:56:04 -0500

Benjamin Rossen writes:
 > I am sure things are going to change, but I do not believe that what you have 
 > suggested is a possibility soon, and perhaps never.

No, not soon.  I was being cynical by saying "ten years, tops".  Every
"technological progress" suggestion has overestimated the rate of
change in society.

 > One of my projects was concerned with the design and testing of an 
 > ergonomically improved keyboard for professional data entry typists.
 > Click on the keyboard icon, right of the seated person icon. 

Very interesting!  I keep designing keyboards too, but none as
polished and professional as yours.  I'm very happy with the Kinesis

 > Many great and wonderful things shall happen, but whipping up toasters is, I 
 > believe, not one of them. 

Ahhh, but once a design is created, it only needs to be built.
Software is just ideas with the details specified.  As it happens, we
have machines which can execute ideas.  We don't yet have machines
which can build ideas.  Once we do, they'll be used to produce
OSI-Certified products.  :-)

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