Subject: Re: FOR APPROVAL: OZPLB Licence
From: Bjorn Reese <>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 12:43:02 +0100

Russell Nelson wrote:
> Bjorn Reese writes:

>  > If there are flaws in the existing licenses, then that seems like a
>  > perfectly good reason to introduce a new license, especially since
>  > open source knows no national boundaries.
> "If there are flaws in existing software, then that seems like a
> perfectly good reason to rewrite the software from scratch."

As the above indeed is a perfectly good reason, I am not entirely
sure what your point is. I assume that you are trying to invoke some
sort of argumentum ad absurdum in favor of your view.

I do not claim that a rewrite, neither of software nor of licenses,
is the only solution. I only claim that it is a solution -- a
solution you seem keen on prohibiting.

Let me try to summarize your position with the same type of analogy:

"If you rewrite the existing Open Source software from scratch,
and the result is almost identical to the existing software, then
it is not Open Source, because the existing software is already
Open Source."

Is this a fair analogical summary of your point?

PS: I know that "open sourceness" is decided by the choice of license,
and that the analogy is inaccurate in that regard. But then again, any
analogy is inaccurate in some regard.