Subject: Re: pruning "dead" licenses
From: Pablo Barrera Franco <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 19:17:22 -0300

> Yet to be determined. I've been thinking in terms of de-emphasizing,
> mostly by creating a category of "preferred" or "best-practice" licenses
> and pushing those.

Could be a contradiction in this criteria. To preserve diversity, coulbe
useful have 3 licenses tamdem:

Licenses fo Specifics Needs: Personal adaptations, death, alive and non
preferred, if u wish

Commonly Used Licencse:GPL, BSD and others u want...

Best PRactice: You can put whatever u consider "better".Just an order

Noboy answers about "the modular choice"...:( (Argentinian Get Ungry

Pablo Barrera Franco | IT & Opensource