Subject: Re: compatibility and the OSD
From: Bob Scheifler <Bob.Scheifler@Sun.COM>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 12:22:25 -0400

> I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned Sun's very own SISSL

I'm well aware of SISSL. I'm trying to understand the bounds
of the OSD with respect to compatibility, and SISSL doesn't
push very far towards the bounds.

> Not allowing the test suite to be modified prevents people from fixing 
> bugs in the test suite or improving it with additional tests.  Might be 
> OSD conformant, but still seems like a bad idea.  IMHO.

I'm not particularly interested in whether people like the form
of the license or not, since I have no intent to actually use
such a license. I understand that the cultural aspects of a
license choice are equally important, but here I'm only trying
to understand the definitional boundaries of the OSD.

- Bob