Subject: Re: compatibility and the OSD
From: Bob Scheifler <Bob.Scheifler@Sun.COM>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 09:55:00 -0400

> Bob - item #2 conflicts with the OSD.

Can you elaborate as to specifically which parts of the OSD it
conflicts with, and how?

> BTW, I did not see your entire license so what is said now COULD
> change depending on what else is in the license.

OK, could you look at the Simplistic Compatibility License I sent out?
Note that the intent here is to allow creation of arbitrary (including
incompatible) derivative works, and to allow distribution of them
under the same license (OSD#3), with the license restricting that
which gets distributed to being in source form. Item #2 is simply
an "out" to enable distribution of certain derivative works under
other terms.

- Bob