Subject: Confidential
From: "Mercy Kume" <>
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 18:21:27 +0100

 Sat, 8 May 2004 18:21:27 +0100
Dear Friend

I am Mrs.Mercy Kume, wife of late Mr Anthony Kume, a wealthy Zimbabwean 
farmer who was brutally murdered in a land dispute together with his 
partner Mr. pete Bailey and the whole of his family as result of land 
reform by Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe. The whole of  our 
farmland amd 
properties were destroyed by the mobs. The new land act reform which 
affected the white and black farmers, resulting to massive killing by 
veterans and lunatics in the society.

My husband died without leaving a word neither to me nor our only son, 
his partner was rushed to the hospital where he later died after 2 
Before my husband partner died, he confided in me that he deposited 
US$29,000,000 (Twenty Nine million united states dollars) in one 
security company in Europe, that the money was meant for the purchase 
of new 
machineries for mechanised agriculture for the Zimbabwean farmers 
and new farms in Swaziland. He said that all I have to do is to source 
an oversea partner who can be placed as the Beneficiary of the fund so 
I and my son can have a new lease of life again. He made me promise 
since he has no other leaving relatives, that I will not let money go 
the drain.

I was later diagnosed to have cancer of the breast which resulted to my 
losing one part of the breast to surgery. Presently, I am hospitalised 
because my condition started deteriorating in a very strange manner. My 
doctor gave me the saddest news of life as he told me that the cancer 
spread to every part of my body including my liver. I have been boldly 
that I just have a very short time to leave. As things are now, I am 
afraid to die, but I don??t want my son to suffer and I don??t want to 
late Mr.Bailey down by not having this claimed.

Consequently, my proposal is that I will like you as a foreigner to 
stand in 
as the next of kin to Late Mr. Pete Bailey .This you can do by 
with my Kenneth who is currently seeking political asylum in Europe, 
and our 
family attorney to actualise this claim. I will request that you send 
your personal details viz: Your full name and private home address, 
telephone and fax number.this will enable the attorney to place you as 
next of kin to late Mr.Pete Bailey.The sharing mode will be as follows.

1.30% of the fund will be for you

2.50% will be for my son which you will have to invest for him as his 

3.10% will be donated to the Southern African research center for 

4.While 10% will be set out for all the bills encured to conclude this 
transaction including the attorney fees.

There is no risk at all as all the paperwork for this transaction will 
done by the Attorney and with my support and endorsement I can 
guarantee the 
successful execution of this transaction. I cannot answer to any phone 
here in the hospital because of my situation.So if you are interested 
this transaction, kindly declare your interest by replying to this  
via my private mail

For your information the success and safety of this transaction will 
on your co-operation to keep it confidential and secret.As soon as I 
your favourable reply , I will proceed to forward you with further 

Thank you and may God bless you.

Yours respectfully,

Mercy Kume(Mrs)

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