Subject: Re: BSD for toolset, GPL for apps
From: Andy Tai <>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 11:54:33 -0800 (PST)

This should be perfectly fine.  Seems Free (libre)
Software is making great progress in medical

--- Donnal Walter <> wrote:
> As an academic physician I am working on a set of
> custom clinical 
> applications using Python and wxPython that I wish
> to make open-source. 
> I have started this project by working on a
> *framework* for such 
> applications (called Mindwrapper), and because
> Python and wxPython both 
> have licenses somewhat similar to BSD, I have
> released the first version 
> of Mindwrapper under a BSD license. My intention is
> to continue 
> development of Mindwrapper using BSD.
> OTOH, I would like to use a GPL license for the
> custom clinical 
> applications (the set of which I call Prism) that I
> will develop using 
> Mindwrapper. Is this combination of licenses
> reasonable?
> My thinking is this. I want to make sure that the
> clinical (Prism) 
> programs always remain free, but I don't especially
> care if the 
> (Mindwrapper) tool set is used as part of a
> proprietary product. What I 
> clearly do want is for other Python and wxPython
> developers to feel 
> comfortable contributing to Mindwrapper, and my
> clear sense is that most 
> of them prefer BSD-style over GPL-style licenses.
> Donnal Walter, M.D.
> Arkansas Children's Hospital

Andy Tai,
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