Subject: Re: Must publish vs. must supply
From: "Abe Kornelis" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 22:34:28 +0100

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From: John Cowan <>

> Chris F Clark scripsit:
> > Clearly the FSF has decided that hording of software by corporations
> > (as long as they don't distribute it) should be one of their freedoms.
> The same applies to individuals.  Do you want to be required to publish
> every little dink you make to GPLed software?  How often?  With what
> granularity?  After every change?  After every CVS commit?
--> No thanks - what a horrible bother!

> I continue to think the GPL's attitude sensible: if you distribute the
> program, you must distribute the source.
--> That's exactly my point. However, since my software lives in
      a mainframe world - which differs in many ways from the PC
      and unix-worlds - I want to ensure that such sources will be
      made available to the public - not just a few companies who
      will stash it and do nothing with it. That's the fast lane to
      'software imprisonment'.

> There is no question of imprisonment.  No one should be forced to become
> a distributor, IMHO; those who distribute can reasonably be expected to
> be willing to incur certain obligations.
--> Again: agreed entirely! And if they don't like the obligations,
      there is always the alternative: pay for a different license for
      that software.

>   John Cowan

Kind Regards, Abe.

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