Subject: Re: a BSD-like license that isn't template based
From: "Don Jarrell" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 17:13:22 -0500

Regarding 'open' (no pun intended) question to RMS about compatibility of
AFL to GPL -

I visited with Richard last evening; he's in Austin for SXSW Interactive.
I conveyed this question to him.  Any of you who have carried on a
with Richard can understand the constrained, highly-qualified nature of both
his acceptance of the question and his answer. AND, I certainly am not
here for him.

Things I heard Richard say:
- He is not going to read postings to this list, even when addressed (in
some sense)
  to him, because he does not recognize "Open Source" as discussed around
- People who expect and deserve an answer from him, on a subject he would
speak on,
  should contact him via
- He does not consider the AFL to be compatible with the GPL for several
  including the trademark exemption issue.

Just thought I'd share ...

Cheers.     dj

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