Subject: Re: Ethics (OT) (was Re: Antiwar License)
From: Sergey Goldgaber <>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 16:30:00 -0800 (PST)

--- Rick Moen <> wrote:
> >> _Are_ you going to get around to writing a licence?
> >> So far,
> > 
> > "Get around to"?  "So far"?  It has only been a couple of days!
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but, in those couple of days, I believe
> you haven't yet posted even a _clause_ from any candidate licence
> text.  

That is correct.  I have not posted a clause or even a word from the
license because I have not begun writing one (or maybe I'll never write
one if I find another license that suits my needs, or if I decide not
to release my code at all).  Absolutely all of my free time, as I
pointed out, has been spent replying to the email I have recieved in
response to this issue.  If you can magically add more hours to my days
perhaps you'd see a license sooner.

> In times of major public controversy, there is a tendency for
> partisans
> of such discussions to spill over onto technical mailing lists and
> attempt advocacy there, finding creative ways to justify it as
> allegedly
> within the list's charter -- while never quite getting around to the
> list's actual subject matter.

Look, I am not creatively trying to do anything.  I asked a simple
question, people responded with questions, I responded back and from
the first have asked people to keep non-list related discussions off
the list.

> I'll gladly assume that such was not
> your
> intent:  I just note the coincidence that there has been no licence
> presented for the group's scrutiny, that you've posted

What a coincidence!  Two days ago a person came on the list and said he
would like some help wording a license, and he was flooded with email
that he's been replying to which has taken all of his free time (many,
many hours each day).  He's also never written a license, doesn't have
a clue as to how to begin, and hasn't even had a chance to even follow
up on the suggestions as to the research he may do along these lines. 
And yet, in two whole days (or is it three now), he hasn't written a
license or license clause!  What scandal!  Let's string him up from the

> (what strikes me
> as) a lot of political advocacy and implied that the OSD should be
> changed to accomodate your political views,
> and that the resulting
> replies have consisted largely of further digressions into
> politics.

Again, I have attempted to direct the political posts off this list. 
If that doesn't always succeed I apologise.

> Anyhow, if/when you _do_ write a licence, if you seriously aspire
> to make it OSD-compliant -- as opposed to making the OSD compliant
> with your licence -- please do post it here for comments and
> suggestions.



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