Subject: Re: discuss: Jaluna Public License 1.1
From: Nathan Kelley <>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 21:56:26 +1100

To OSI License Discussion subscribers,

> From: Benoit Poulot-Cazajous <Benoit.Poulot-Cazajous@Jaluna.COM>,

> Please consider the Jaluna Public License 1.1 for approbation.
> This license can be found at :

> This license is derived from the Mozilla Public License 1.1, with the 
> following
> modifications (cut&pasted from 
> :
> 1) The license is named Jaluna Public License instead of
>    Mozilla Public License, as it refers to software distributed
>    and maintained by Jaluna,
> 2) As required by the MPL, all references to Mozilla or Netscape,
>    have been replaced by equivalent references to Jaluna.
> 3) Sections 6.x of MPL 1.1 grants the right to make new versions
>    of the license to Netscape Communications Corporations.
>    The JPL 1.1 grants this right to Jaluna SA.
> 4) JPL 1.1 refers to the law of France.

I haven't had the opportunity of reading the license in full as yet. 
However, if the above list is both accurate and comprehensive with 
regards to what has been changed, then I see no problem with the 
license being OSI-certified, as only the names have changed.

Cheers, Nathan.

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