Subject: [discuss] License Approval Request: Macromedia Open Source License
From: Tom Harwood <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 17:31:35 -0400 (EDT)

[ Please discuss this license.  -russ ]


Macromedia, Inc., would like to obtain OSI certification for its Open Source License.
 The Macromedia Open Source License is based on the IBM Public License, with the following
changes per our Legal department:

(1) changed IBM to Macromedia, 
(2) clarify that if Macromedia includes its own open source in its products, Macromedia
does not have to state in its documentation where the source code version of the open
source material is made available, 
(3) clarify that Macromedia does not have to include its own copyright notice in the
event Macromedia decides to incorporate its own open source materials in its commercial
(4) require the inclusion of the copyright notice in documentation as well as the software,
(5) changed the choice of law from New York to California.

A specimen copy is available on our website:

I also have a Word document that the Legal department believes to be an annotated license
agreement that shows the changes from the IBM license to our license.  I can forward
that as-is or post an HTML copy on our website.

Thanks, and best regards,

Tom Harwood 
Macromedia Server Products 
CFML Language Development 
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