Subject: Re: Advertising Clauses in Licenses
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 07:48:01 -0800

Quoting John Cowan (
> Lawrence E. Rosen scripsit:
>> As for the GPL, where does it say that you can't distribute source
>> via a website?  As I read it, you must merely distribute source code
>> "on a medium customarily used for software interchange."  I now get
>> almost all of my software, including proprietary programs, through
>> downloads.
> See
> et seq.

RMS has mentioned to me that he's considering changing section 3b to 
(in some way) require source code availability on tangible physical media;
the current (v2) wording does _not_ so require.  The coders' intent
should logically be inferred from what that wording actually says, not
FSF's current exegesis.  (Whether a requirement for tangible media would
be good for various parties is a separate discussion, which I'm not

Separately and in addition to that:

The above FAQ claims physical media ("disk or tape") are necessary because 
"not every user is on a network".  But isn't it equally true that not
every user can read any specific physical-media format you might
nominate as a universal distribution medium?  The laptop host I'm typing
this on has no floppy drive at the moment; I left it at home.  And half
the machines in my household are PowerMacs with no floppy or tape
drives.  For us residents -- as, I think, for many others -- ftp, http,
and cvs over rsh _are_ this decade's canonical "medium customarily used
for software interchange".

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