Subject: For Approval: MLL (minimal library license)
From: rlyeh <>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 14:55:23 +0100

Hello there,

I would like you to evaluate the license of my software library for

Thanks for your considerations and incoming suggestions.


    * My license is either BSD license or MIT license, for both
      commercial and non-commercial projects. As far as I'm concerned
      this would allow my users to have a single license and mix well
      with BSD, MIT, GPL and LGPL (and maybe other) licenses.
    * Software distributed under my license can be used in conjunction
      with software distributed under other open source licenses, since
      this license is either BSD or MIT license, and both are valid open
      sources licenses already.
    * Plain text version of my license follows:

  Copyright (c) <years> <copyright holders>
  If this software is part of a GPL licensed software then this license
expands to the MIT license, else this license expands to the 3-BSD license.

    * Or maybe a shorter version:

  Copyright (c) <years> <copyright holders>
  this.license = (this.project.find("GPL") ? MIT : BSD3)