Subject: Re: For Approval: GPLv3
From: Rick Moen <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 10:29:56 -0700

Quoting Chris Travers (

> my concern is that we have to decide where exactly to draw the line wrt 
> discrimination against fields of endeavor.  Either we take the line that 
> "if the license does not explicitly name any such fields, then it is not 
> discriminatory" or we take the line that "discrimination may be 
> explicitly state or implied, or simply collateral damage of the license."

Once again, I, for one, don't accept your fundamental assumption that
"the profession of locking people out of the ability to run modified
software on particular pieces of hardware" qualifies as "a field of
endeavour" within the meaning of OSD#6.

Which means that the question of where to draw lines _among_ fields of
endeavour, if at all, does not arise.