Subject:Æsthetic Permissive License - For Approval
From: "Sean B. Palmer" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 13:46:35 +0000

 Wed, 19 Dec 2007 13:46:35 +0000
This is a formal request for review, as described in The Licence
Review Process [1]. The following five sections are believed to
satisfy its requirements for submissions.

1) Link to Plain Text Copy of the License

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2) Rationale for a New License

There is no existing license which:

* Is permissive and non-copyleft.
* Contains a warranty disclaimer.
* Is under five non-blank lines of text.
* Applies to a single work.

Application to a single work is important because existing permissive
licenses only mandate preservation of the license text itself, and
apply to a package of works. They are not suitable for use as a
boilerplate, but also do not ensure preservation of their boilerplate.

Licenses that are not under five non-blank lines of text exceed the
McQuary limit, a widely appreciated æsthetic rule of thumb:

3) Comparison With the Most Similar OSI-Approved License

This license is inspired by the Fair License:

With the modification that it applies only to a single work, to meet
the requirements stated in the rationale. Further inspiration, to
achieve the required succinctness, came from the All-permissive
Copying License:


4) Results of Any Legal Analysis Available

None. Designed to semantically entail the two licenses above.

5) Recommended Appropriate License Proliferation Category

Other/Miscellaneous licenses.



Sean B. Palmer,