Subject: Re: Request for Legacy Approval for the LaTeX Project Public Licence
From: Will Robertson <>
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 01:15:32 +0930

Dear all,

On 09/09/2009, at 8:32 AM, Will Robertson wrote:

> This is a formal request to consider for review the LaTeX Project  
> Public License (LPPL) as an OSI-approved open source license.

This is just a follow-up from a couple of weeks ago. Having received a  
favourable response to the request above, is there anything else that  
I or the LaTeX Project team are now required to do to continue the  
approval process? Or can we consider the process now underway?

( times out for me at the moment, so I  
can't see if there's anything going on in there. Apologies if this is  
a problem at my end.)

Many thanks,